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T'es sublime. Je suis le plus veinard. Tu vas bientôt l'être encore plus! Montre-moi tes boucles d'oreilles. Elles sont super. Ton jules est pas un homme de goût?

Mon jules a vraiment très bon goût! FIN [Scene: Chandler and Joey's, Chandler is getting ready for a date with Monica as Ross enters. You look nice. What's the occasion?

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Monica and I are celebrating our ten-month anniversary, we've got reservations at Ja George. How'd you get in there? Made a few calls, pulled some strings, and they agreed to seat us at There's a knock on the door and Chandler answers it. It's the pizza delivery girl. Delivery Girl: Hi Chandler! Hey Caitlin! Somebody got a haircut. Ugh, I hate it! I look like an 8-year-old boy.

Yeah, if that was true, gym class would've been a lot more interesting.

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It's uh, 27 dollars even. Oh, okay. Hands flirter avec le desastre wow the money. Here you go. The duck starts quacking. Hey, where's the chicken? Oh, he's in the back. The duck pissed him off, said that eggs came first. I'll see you later! Okay, bye!

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He closes the door and turns to see Ross glaring at him. What the hell was that?!

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The flirting! Aren't you supposed to be going out with, I don't know hmm, let's say my sister?!


I was not flirting. It was totally flirting. Okay first of all, the impression, uncanny. And second, that was not flirting, that was just casual conversation between two people. That is all. Yeah, right. You wanna see flirting? I'll show you flirting. Starts to move towards Ross. Opening Credits [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Rachel and Phoebe are in the kitchen. I know. But don't you think that it should be called Order and Law? No because first they arrest the guy and then they try him.

Don't get me started on that. Ross and Chandler enter with the pizzas. Flirter avec le desastre wow on your anniversary, for shame! What's going on?

WoW – Evènement : de l’amour dans l’air

Chandler was hitting on the hot delivery girl! I was not and oh God, shh! Well I'm sorry but you were! And besides if anyone should be hitting on her it's the guy who's single, the guy that who-who-who can do something about it. Sounds like somebody wants to be Mr. Pizza Delivery Girl. Well… Chandler: Is that what this is about? You like Caitlin?

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Ross looks at Rachel. We broke up two years ago; you've been married since then. I think it's flirter avec le desastre wow that we see other people. Well, I-I was watching her the other day at the pizza place. And she's just so sexy and funny and has the cutest little… Rachel: Okay, y'know what?

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We don't need her measurements. She forgot my vegetarian! This is perfect! She'll have to come back here with your pizza, and when she does, I'll turn on the Charm-O-Ross.

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Oh I'm so glad you don't eat meat. Vegetarianism benefits everyone. You remember my grandmother! Big night! This is so cool! Chandler, she doesn't understand a word of English. I'm sorry, I thought you were Joey's other grandmother. She just stares at him. I've done it again. She's my biggest fan. Yeah, she's the only one in the family that's believed in me.

They both start speaking Italian to each other, and since I'm not Italian and don't understand one word, we'll move on to the English portion of the show. Not, that I'm English.

Flirter avec le désastre

Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that I'm not. Y'know I think I should shut-up now and move on. Anyhoo, she says something about Joey being fat I think based on this line. Yeah, I uh weighted like 27 pounds when I was born so… Monica: Happy Anniversary! Happy Anniversary, 10 months!

They kiss. So umm, when I was in the shower I was thinking about our first night in London… Chandler: Uhh, Joey's grandmother is right there. Points Flirter avec le desastre wow Is that the one that speaks English or the one that doesn't?

The one that doesn't. That was some hot love you gave me! I'm gonna go get ready. Hey, why don't you wear those earrings I gave you?

That's a great idea! I was saving them for something special. But I like it here! You gotta go home and get the earrings that you borrowed from me okay? Chandler wants me to wear them tonight. Okay, well I think that they're in my purse. Why don't you go get dressed and I'll look for them.

Walks over to Rachel Rach, hi, I need those earrings you borrowed. Oh, umm, okay, yeah, I'll be, yeah I'll be right back. Goes to her room.

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Phoebe then gets possessed 'cause she starts speaking in tongues. She speaks Italian to Joey's grandmother. She is quickly exorcised and returns to speaking in English.

Of course, too most people English is a strange language as well. But none of them are probably reading this and if they were they wouldn't understand it.

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So why am I talking about them? I have absolutely no clue. Moving on… Joey: Wow Pheebs, you speak Italian? I guess so. See, the brief possession didn't affect her at all, like we could really tell. She enters and hands Phoebe the earring Here you go. Thank you! Wait, Rach! Where's the other one? Oh what, you-you want both of them? Rachel Karen Green, where's the other earring?! Okay, okay, okay, look, just don't freak out, but I kinda lost it. I know it's in the apartment, but I definitely lost it.