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Preamble 2L Multimedia has developed an online dating service.

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The service is neither a consultancy nor a dating agency, and does not organise encounters between its members. The service is exclusively reserved to members registered on the platform in compliance with the present rules.

site de rencontre femme ronde serieuse

Prerequisites The members confirm having received all necessary documentation on the proposed services from 2L Multimedia and comply without reservation to the present service terms and conditions. The members recognise that the use of the platform requires compliance with all the provisions defined in the present contract. The members can benefit from the services proposed on the platform subject to compliance with the following prerequisites: Be of legal age on the date of registration; Have the legal capability to commit to the present terms and conditions; Have the appropriate computer equipment to access the platform; Have a valid e-mail address.

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Definitions The terms below will have the following meaning among the parties: It consists of the back office and the database of members and subscribers. Objective The objective of the present document is to define the site de rencontre femme ronde serieuse of site rencontre yonne of the services proposed by 2L Multimedia.

Terms of Service

Contractual documents The mandatory contractual documents for members are: The present service terms and conditions; The data-processing and liberties rules of service; The ethical charter of the service.

In case of contradiction between documents of different nature femme chasseuse cherche homme rank, it is explicitly agreed between the parties that the provisions of higher rank contained in the site de rencontre femme ronde serieuse shall prevail for obligations in a conflict of interpretation.

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In case of contradiction between terms of documents of the same rank, the latest documents shall prevail on the others. Rank criteria will be applied according to the following principles: Obligation by obligation; Or failing that, paragraph by paragraph; Or failing that article by article.

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Opposability The present terms and conditions are opposable as soon as they are accepted by the member when subscribing to the service. It shall do its utmost to inform members of the existence and date of application of new terms and conditions. Any use of the service by the member within 30 days after a modification of the terms and conditions confirms the latter accepts those new terms and conditions.

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The member may end using the service but remains responsible for any anterior use. Members can access archived terms of use upon request by e-mail at: Registration to the Service 7.

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To open an account and become a member, the user must previously register via the online form on the platform. Two registration procedures are available: Registration via facebook connect; Registration via online form.

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With the facebook connect application the fields to be completed will be automatically filled with the information taken from the user facebook account, under his sole responsibility. No information on the registration to the service will be displayed on the facebook account of the user. Step 1: Some requested information builds the user profile and can be accessed by other members of the service: Step 2: Members wishing to use it must therefore have a connection to mobile internet.

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Site de rencontre femme ronde serieuse application enables subscription to the service from a mobile phone for example. It also enables subscription to paying functions. The services subscribed from a mobile application in integrated purchase are subject to the present terms and conditions, as well as the terms and conditions of the purchase platform for mobile applications to obtain the application, the invoicing conditions, the payment and renewal terms of the service s.

It also means that an account must be created on that platform to enable the application download.

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